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How many days is the Haunted Harmonies Festival?

The Haunted Harmonies Festival is just one day [TBA for next event]


How does my group apply to compete at the Haunted Harmonies Festival?

Please visit our Application Page to sign up! Groups interested in applying will need to fill out a form and submit a YouTube video.  The YouTube video does not need to include the repertoire you intend to sing at the festival.  

What is the fee for participating groups?

$15 per group member ($250 max), includes competition, street performance, soundcheck, and masterclass.  


What do groups do for lunch and dinner?

Groups can pack a lunch to bring, however, there are many fantastic local vendors available for both lunch and dinner within walking distance.  The Haunted Harmonies Festival does not provide food for participating groups.


What happens if there is bad weather?

The festival will go on rain or shine! Haunted Harmonies has alternative indoor locations if the weather does not allow for outdoor street singing performances.  


We’re a scholastic group. Will my group be able to prepare for the festival only having been in school for one month?

To relieve the burden of preparing for a competition early in the school year, Haunted Harmonies is only requiring two songs to be “competition ready” for the festival.  Groups should have a 4-6 song set if they are interested in making the most of their “street singing” time. We hope that groups use Haunted Harmonies as incentive to get repertoire ready immediately when they arrive back at school!


I've never been to Salem before - what do I need to know?

Check out our Visitors Page


Does the competition have different levels based on age or experience?

No, all groups selected will be competing against each other.  We hope to have ensembles of different ages and genres to encourage a cappella performance of the highest level and variety.  


Can groups put out a hat to accept donations during the “street singing” portion of the festival?

The street singing (busking) is at one location and a cauldron will be given to each group accept donations for their group while singing for the crowds.


What is the sound set-up for the Haunted Harmonies competition?

Haunted Harmonies provides professional sound engineers that will have each singer on an individual microphone if the group does not exceed 18 performers.  Your group can choose to sing without microphones.

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